Meet Our Floating Neighbors

While you might live in a great apartment home near the water in our Larkspur location, there are community members nearby that actually live in it.

There’s a unique residential area in neighboring Sausalito featuring houseboats – although the homeowners prefer you call them “floating homes.” No matter what you call them, it makes for a fun and interesting trip.

Only about 10 minutes away, you can visit several areas including Kappas Marina, A Dock, Issaquah Dock and Liberty Dock to check out many original houseboats, and also several boats that over time were redesigned and converted in full-fledged floating homes. Some of the boats date back to World War II, and the community as a whole turned 65 years old last year in 2015.

When you make the trip, you can either walk freely throughout the dock areas as most residents are comfortable and leave their gates unlocked, local experts provide guided tours on Saturday and Sunday each week, or, in September, the Sausalito Floating Homes Association provides a tour that actually allows tourists inside several houseboats (the September 2016 date is TBD).

You can learn more on the “Our Sausalito” website, by visiting the SFHA site, or by watching this video.

So many things make Marin County special, and this is another one. See what its like to truly live “on the water”!

Serenity At Larkspur Staff