Savory Recipes That Use Apples

While you might think of apple pie when you think of the fall season, there are also a number of autumn recipes that use apples in a more savory way. From salads and roasts to warm, creamy soups, these fall-ready recipes will breathe new life into everyone’s favorite seasonal fruit.

Chicken, Apple, and Fennel Salad [] Packed with protein and loaded with mustard flavor, this unique salad is the perfect light lunch on a chilly fall day. It uses julienned apples and sliced fennel instead of the usual greens, and the toasted almonds and homemade mustard dressing give it an exciting flavor and crunch.

Székelyalmás [] While the name seems complicated, this Hungarian dish of pork and apples in a cider cream sauce is really anything but. Because marjoram is the main spice, this dish has a unique, fragrant flavor that makes it feel truly special.

Roasted Winter Squash and Apple Soup [] Make a rich, creamy soup without the extra calories of something cream-based with this squash and apple version. This recipe contains fewer than 10 ingredients, but once pureed in a food processor, they create a complex flavor that is perfect for a cozy afternoon at home.