The Bay Area is for Book Fans

Do you still enjoy getting comfortable with a hardcover or paperback? Despite the digital world we live in, a lot of people in our area do. According to the annual Most-Read Cities List announced recently by, San Francisco and San Jose are among the top 20 large cities in the U.S. that still love to read books.

The annual list, which used Amazon sales data from April 2014 to April 2015 that only compared municipalities with at least 500,000 people, ranked San Francisco No. 7, and San Jose No. 16, respectively. Only three cities in all of California made the list this year, with San Diego also checking in at No. 13.

Four of the top five cities were on the West Coast – with Seattle leading the way, followed by Portland, Las Vegas and Tucson. Washington, D.C. ended up fifth.

Amazon reveals the list at this time of year to inspire more people to read during vacations and other downtime over the summer months.

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Serenity At Larkspur Staff