The Healthiest Living in California

Living in Marin County is good for your health. In fact, it’s the healthiest place in all of California – which is becoming an annual tradition.

As announced last week by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – a private healthcare organization – Marin was named the healthiest county in the state for the seventh straight year.

The County Health Rankings are based on two major health outcomes: quality of life and premature death; and also consider several factors that contribute to overall health such as physical environment, quality of care, and other social and economic factors.

Some areas where Marin County excelled:

  • Life expectancy (#1 in CA)
  • Lowest rate of adults reporting poor health (#1)
  • Lowest number of teen births (#1)
  • Unemployment rate (#2)
  • Low crime rate (#2)
  • High number of adults reporting a healthy body weight (#2)
We’re doing our part to contribute at Serenity at Larkspur with amenities like the swimming pools, fitness center, yoga studio, tennis court and dog trail.

Not only do residents enjoy living with us, but they can take pride in living in the healthiest place in California. Way to go Marin County!

Serenity at Larkspur Staff