Track How We Treat Our Environment

We’re located in a very eco-friendly area at Serenity At Larkspur. Now there’s an online application that gives residents a real-time, inside look at how “green” Marin County really is.

The Marin Sustainability Tracker is a web app containing an interactive map that illustrates progress being made by local governments, residents and businesses working toward reducing emissions and increasing sustainable practices. It’s tracked through a number of different categories including gauging a community’s level of consumption and implementation of programs related to things such as energy and greenhouse gas reductions.

The clickable map at allows users to get a feel for how their city or town stacks up against others in terms of environmental friendliness for a given period of time. It also provides information and advice on how each member of the Marin community can do their part. The hope is if everyone takes action, California will meet its goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the lowest they’ve ever been by 2020.

Always know how your hometown stacks up for sustainability. Living here in Larkspur makes it possible!

Serenity At Larkspur Staff