Try These Three Foods for Some Extra Vitamin A

Whether you’ve been told to increase your vitamin A intake or you’re just looking to eat healthier, this essential antioxidant is easy to incorporate into your diet. Colorful fruits and vegetables are good sources of vitamin A, but there a few other foods that provide just as much. Here are three surprising sources of vitamin A:

1) Salmon. The health benefits of salmon include high levels of protein and heart-healthy fats, along with vitamin A. Three ounces of this savory seafood give you 4% of your daily value.

2) Whole milk. The rich flavor and high nutritional value of whole milk make it a great choice for folks looking to boost their vitamin A intake. One cup provides you with 8% of your daily value.

3) Fortified oatmeal. Get your day off to a healthy start with a dose of vitamin A for breakfast. One cup of fortified oatmeal contains 29% of your daily value.

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